There’s something irresistible about tradition.

The specialist in Belgian waffles.

Vitalgaufre - Le spécialiste de la gaufre belge
« Our recipe?
A perfectly balanced combination
of quality and innovation. »
Sabri Kéraï, founder of Vitalgaufre

Welcome to Vitalgaufre, an authentic Belgian establishment specialised in waffles. Since 1998, we have made it our mission to introduce the world to the delightful Liège waffle, the epitome of Belgium’s culinary tradition.

The Liège waffle was created in the XVIIIth century in honour of the city’s prince-bishop. Glazed to perfection, delicately caramelised, smelling ever so sweetly of vanilla and deliciously moist and crispy with every single bite.

Prepared exclusively with natural ingredients and still made by hand to this day, Vitalgaufre’s recipe has never been altered, and for twenty years now we have been following it to the letter… Now that’s what you call tradition.

« I’m not a huge waffle fan, but
the hot apple waffle was
slighty caramelized and crispy
on the outside, and warm and
chewy on the inside. So good ! »
Deb G., Washington USA
Vitalgaufre - Gaufre canelle Vitalgaufre - Gaufre framboise Vitalgaufre - Gaufre chocolat

Who says tradition and creativity can’t go hand in hand? In addition to the original vanilla waffle, Vitalgaufre has now also developed a range of brand-new flavours: cinnamon, apple-cinnamon, raspberry and chocolate.

Spices, fruit and rich chocolate go wonderfully well together with the Liège waffle, and both young and old find it difficult to resist these tempting new flavours. Who knows which delicious flavour combinations our artisan bakers will come up with tomorrow?

« The scent of vanilla
that rises from the sizzling
waffle irons proves irresistible to passers-by. »
Michel, franchise owner in Brussels
Vitalgaufre - Gaufre pomme canelle

While the original recipe for the Liège waffle is quite simple, we rely on our experts when it comes to actual ingredient quantities and know-how. Our dough is handmade and contains only natural ingredients, the quality and traceability of which are strictly regulated.

Easy to handle and simple to make, our dough will allow you to quickly whip up a batch of tasty Liège waffles, authentic and certified Belgian specialties.

Become one of our distributors. Vitalgaufre is always on the lookout for new distributors both in Belgium and abroad. Interested? Feel free to contact us..

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As a distributor for Vitalgaufre, you will receive: As your partner, we do not expect a commission nor any royalties…
Instead, we simply request access to your business plan, so that together we can evaluate the key to your success.
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